R5: Récolte 氣炸鍋(深綠色) x 特盛串燒盛合 x 氣炸串揚盛合 x Carbon Brews 手工啤酒6罐裝 Récolte Air Oven (Dark Green) x Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter x Premium Kushiage Platter x Carbon Brews Craft Beers 6 Cans Box Set

DoubleChefs X Carbon Brews X Récolte 氣炸鍋 夏日限定套裝 DCM X Carbon Brews X Récolte Air Oven Summer Exlusive Set 



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    Suggested serving method
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R5: Récolte 氣炸鍋(深綠色) x 特盛串燒盛合 x 氣炸串揚盛合 x Carbon Brews 手工啤酒6罐裝 Récolte Air Oven (Dark Green) x Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter x Premium Kushiage Platter x Carbon Brews Craft Beers 6 Cans Box Set

1. Récolte 氣炸鍋(深綠色) - 原裝行貨 (價值:$799)
    Récolte Air Oven (Dark Green) - Original licensed product (Worth:$799)
・ 一機包外鍋、專用烤網
Main body with air oven basket and grill plate
Cooking temperature up to 200°C
・小體積 (21.2CM * 27CM) 大容量 (2.8L)
Small body (21.2CM * 27CM), large capacity (2.8L)
(如需保養服務時, 用戶必須出示Récolte保證書及Double Chefs Market正式收據。)
Charmie Pacific Company Limited, Récolte distributor, provides one-year carry-inservice.
(Users must present Récolte warranty card and Double Chefs Market purchase invoice for warranty service.)

2. Carbon Brews 本地手工啤酒6罐限定套裝
     Carbon Brews Local Craft Beers Exclusive 6 Cans Box Set
・ El Crispy Boi
Mexican Lager|Abv: 4.50%| Ibu: 16
・ Earth People
Post-prohibition Lager|Abv: 4.30% |Ibu: 25
清爽易入口的Dry-hopped Lager,絕對比商業拉格啤酒更Hoppy、更有層次。無論你
・ Feels Good Man
Wheat Beer|Abv: 4.50%| Ibu: 12
・ Staying Alive
Session IPA | Abv: 4.6% | Ibu: 40
以經典美式啤酒花作為啤酒骨幹的 Session IPA。啤酒有檸檬、西柚及柑橘的香氣,
・ Crazy Rich Lupulins
Double Hazy IPA|Abv: 8.20%|Ibu: 23
高, 但酒體非常順滑,容易入口。
・ Sour Punch
Fruit Punch Berliner Weisse|Abv: 4.50%|Ibu: 6

3. 特盛串燒盛合
     Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter
・ 鹿兒島薩摩赤雞雞翼 2串
     Kagoshima Red Satsuma Chicken Wing Skewer 2pcs
・ 鹿兒島薩摩赤雞雞腿肉 2串
     Kagoshima Red Satsuma Chicken Thigh Skewer 2pcs
・ 厚切白鱔 2串
     Eel Skewer 2pcs
・ 厚切牛舌芯 2串
     Center-Cut of Beef Tongue Skewer 2pcs
・ 鹿兒島特上五花腩 2串
     Kagoshima Pork Belly Skewer 2pcs
・ DCM秘製照燒雞醬
     DCM Teriyaki Chicken Sauce
・ 100%蒜粉
     100% Garlic Powder

4. 氣炸串揚盛合
     Premium Kushiage Platter
・ 鹿兒島A4 黑毛和牛牛中腹 1串
     Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Prime Short Rib 1pc
・ 鹿兒島薩摩赤雞雞腿肉 1串
     Kagoshima Red Satsuma Chicken Thigh Skewer 1pc
・ 鹿兒島特上五花腩 1串
     Kagoshima Pork Belly Skewer 1pc
・ 美國安格斯牛三角 1串
     US Angus Chuck Rib Skewer 1pc
・ 日本星鰻 1串
     Japanese Conger Eel Skewer 1pc
・ 薄牛舌 1串
     Beef Tongue Skewer 1pc
・ 大葉魚板 1串
     Fishcake with Perilla Leaf Skewer 1pc
・ 紅薯 1串
     Sweet Potato Skewer 1pc
・ DCM秘製中濃醬
     DCM Chuno Sauce
・ 柚子醋
     Ponzu Sauce


【 優惠條款及細則 Terms and Conditions 】
Promotion period from July 26, 2021 until Sep 7, 2021.
While stocks last.
All items purchased are non-refundable, non-returnable or non-exchangeable.
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
Air oven color name provided by Récolte, the real object should be considered as final. The photos are for reference only.
如有任何爭議,Double Chefs Market將會保留一切之最終決定權。
In case of any dispute, Double Chefs Market reserves the final decision.

【特盛串燒盛合 Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter 】


【氣炸串揚盛合 Premium Kushiage Platter 】



    The photos are for reference only. 


    Servings are based on number of skewers. 

・每次肉類來貨時大小不一, 如表面面積相對較大, 肉片數量會相對較少。

    Meat comes in different sizes from time to time. If the surface area is relatively large, the number of pieces will be less.


    Do not put any items on the meat during storage. Otherwise, the meat will be discolored.


    Due to factors such as vacuum packaging, humidity or temperature, the meat may turn dark brown, but its taste, freshness and texture will not change. 



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