B: 父親節限定 氣炸串燒 X 涮涮鍋套餐(4人前)Father's Day Exclusive Airfryer Yakimono X Shabushabu Set for 4 persons

父親節限定 刁鑽牛魔王套餐 Father's Day Exclusive Set



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    Suggested serving method
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父親節限定 氣炸串燒 X 涮涮鍋套餐(4人前)Father's Day Exclusive Airfryer Yakimono X Shabushabu Set for 4 persons 

【 氣炸鍋燒物 Yakimono With Airfryer 】
1. 特盛串燒盛合
    Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter

2. 100%蒜粉(串燒 / 燒肉)~30g 
    100% Garlic Powder (Kushiyaki / Yakiniku) ~30g

3. DCM秘製照燒雞醬 ~50ml 
    DCM Teriyaki Chicken Sauce ~50ml

【 鍋物 Hot Pot 】
4. DCM自家製昆布鰹魚湯 x2
    DCM Dashi Soup x2

5. 特上牛肉拼盤(火鍋) (約370克)
    Premium Beef Platter (Hot Pot) (~370g)
    US Angus Short Rib  
    US Angus Chuck Rib
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Sirloin
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Short Rib/Chuck Rib

6. 極尚和牛拼盤(火鍋)(約330克)
    Deluxe Wagyu Platter (Hot Pot) (~330g)
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Short Rib
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef Plate
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Chuck Rib
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Sirloin 

7. 野菜拼盤(火鍋)x2
    Vegetable Platter (Hot Pot) x2

8. 稻庭手打烏冬 x2
    Inaniwa Udon x2

9. 日式芝麻醬 x2
    Japanese Sesame Dressing x2

【 日本酒 Sake 】
10. 「初吻」柚子酒 
    First Kiss Yuzushu

【 優惠條款及細則 Terms and Conditions 】
Promotion period from June 10, 2021 until June 27, 2021.
While stocks last.
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
如有任何爭議,Double Chefs Market將會保留一切之最終決定權。
In case of any dispute, Double Chefs Market reserves the final decision.

【特盛串燒盛合 Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter】


Please refer to the below suggested serving method for Deluxe Kushiyaki Platter.


【涮涮鍋套餐 Shabushabu Set 】

1. 把鰹魚昆布清湯加入鍋中,以中大火煮滾。

    Add DCM dashi soup to the pot and cook over medium high heat.

2. 先放入兩片日本牛小排煮約5秒夾起食用。

    Add two slices of Kagoshima A4 Wagyu short Rib and cook for about 5 seconds.

3. 隨意放入蔬菜及牛肉(約5秒)煮熟食用。

    Add any vegetables and beef (~5 seconds) as you like.


(For beef, it is recommended to eat them in numerical order. The taste is from light to strong.)

4. 吃完肉及蔬菜後,隔走浮面油泡。

    After eating meat and vegetables, scoop the oil off the soup's surface.

5. 加入烏冬煮熟,連湯吃即可。

    Add udon and cook. 

〖 小貼士 Tips 〗

1. 蔬菜及肉類可沾上芝麻醬食用。

    You can eat the vegetables and meat with the Japanese sesame dressing.


    The photos are for reference only. 


    Servings are based on weight. 

・每次肉類來貨時大小不一, 如表面面積相對較大, 肉片數量會相對較少。

    Meat comes in different sizes from time to time. If the surface area is relatively large, the number of pieces will be less.


    Do not put any items on the meat during storage. Otherwise, the meat will be discolored.


    Due to factors such as vacuum packaging, humidity or temperature, the meat may turn dark brown, but its taste, freshness and texture will not change. 



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