S2. 日式燒肉套餐(10-12人前) Exclusive Yakiniku Set for 10-12 Persons

套餐及拼盤 Set / Platter



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S2. 日式燒肉套餐 (10-12人前) Exclusive Yakiniku Set for 10-12 Persons 

DoubleChefs 主廚以專業刀功切割出不同的刁鑽部位,足不出戶享受高級日本燒肉店的水準。日式燒肉套餐包括鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛和澳洲M6/7和牛等,而且包括DoubleChefs 新品鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛牛肋肉,牛肋肉位於肋骨之間的五花肉,肉味濃郁堪稱頂級。非常適合同時喜愛油花豐美及肉味濃郁的愛好者,嚐盡不同部位的驚喜! 

DoubleChefs uses professional knife skills to cut out different tricky parts, you can enjoy the high-quality Japanese restaurant dining at home! The set includes the rare parts of the Kagoshima A4 wagyu and AUS M6/7 wagyu, etc. DoubleChefs’ new product - Kagoshima A4 wagyu rib fingers, its cut is thin strips of beef taken from in-between individual ribs. Both the meat and fat are loaded with an incredible amount of rich flavor. If you are the lover for the fatty and beefy taste, you could taste different rare parts of beef at once! Try the surprises of different rare parts!
1. 鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛9分割拼盤 4人份(~600克)x 2
    9-Rare Cuts of Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Platter (for 4 persons) (~600g) x 2
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Chuck Rib
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Short Plate
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Premium Short Rib
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Short Rib
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Flap Meat
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Flank Steak
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Inside Skirt
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Chuck Tender
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Flap Meat (Diced)

2. 澳洲M6/7和牛拼盤(燒肉)~380克
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Platter (Yakiniku)~380g
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Neck
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Sirloin
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Chuck
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Inside Skirt
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Flap Meat
    AUS M6/7 Wagyu Flap Meat (Diced)

3. 梨汁美國頂級牛肋骨(燒肉)~550-600克
    US Prime Short Rib with Pear Sauce (Yakiniku) ~550-600g Bones Included

4. 鹿兒島特上五花腩(燒肉)~150克 x 2
    Kagoshima Pork Belly (Yakiniku)~150g x 2

5. 鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛牛肋肉配香蔥(燒肉) ~100克
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Rib Fingers with Leek (Yakiniku) ~100g

6. 鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛 - 牛胸腹(燒肉)
    Kagoshima A4 Wagyu - Beef Plate (Yakiniku)

7. 野菜串燒拼盤(燒肉)x 2
    Vegetable Skewers Platter (Yakiniku) x 2

8. DCM辛味噌燒肉蘸醬 
     DCM Spicy Miso Yakiniku Dipping Sauce 

9. 煮酒 x 2
    Cooking Wine x 2

10. DCM自家製燒肉汁(汁燒用) x 2
      DCM Yakiniku Sauce  (for Cooking) x 2

11. DCM秘製燒肉蘸醬 
      DCM Yakiniku Dipping Sauce 

12. 即磨海鹽及黑椒碎(連研磨器) 
      Sea Salt and Pepper Grinder 

建議食法 (以 Bruno 燒肉機作示範)(Using Bruno hot plate as demonstration)

【鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛9分割拼盤(4人份) 9-Rare Cuts of Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Platter (for 4 Persons)】 


【澳洲M6/7和牛拼盤(燒肉) AUS M6/7 Wagyu Platter (Yakiniku) 】 


【梨汁美國頂級牛肋骨 (燒肉) US Prime Short Rib with Pear Sauce (Yakiniku) 】https://doublechefsmarket.com.hk/products/us-prime-short-rib-with-pear-sauce-yakiniku

【鹿兒島A4黑毛和牛牛肋肉配香蔥(燒肉)Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Rib Fingers with Leek (Yakiniku) 】https://doublechefsmarket.com.hk/products/kagoshima-a4-wagyu-rib-fingers-with-leek-yakiniku 

【野菜串燒拼盤 配DCM自家製燒肉汁及煮酒 Vegetable Skewers Platter with DCM Yakiniku Sauce and Cooking Wine 】 


* 請注意: 以上建議烹調方法使用Bruno燒肉機作示範,不同品牌的燒肉機所需的烹調溫度及時間或會有所不同。

* Please note that the suggested cooking method mentioned above using Bruno hot plate as demonstration. The cooking temperature and time required varies for different brands of hot plates.


    The photos are for reference only. 

・份量以重量 / 串數為準。

    Servings are based on weight / number of skewers. 

・每次肉類來貨時大小不一, 如表面面積相對較大, 肉片數量會相對較少。

    Meat comes in different sizes from time to time. If the surface area is relatively large, the number of pieces will be less.


    Do not put any items on the meat during storage. Otherwise, the meat will be discolored.


    Due to factors such as vacuum packaging, humidity or temperature, the meat may turn dark brown, but its taste, freshness and texture will not change. 



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