DCM自家製新鮮炸蒜 DCM Homemade Fried Garlic

入廚懶人包 Ingredient Pack



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DCM自家製新鮮炸蒜 DCM Homemade Fried Garlic

有別於一般市面上的炸蒜,Double Chefs Market自家製新鮮炸蒜、以秘方處理,工序繁複,每次少量新鮮炸起,蒜香味十足,又不帶苦澀,可烹調多款菜式,令菜式更香濃更惹味!

Different from the fried garlic on the market, Double Chefs Market makes its own fresh fried garlic, which is processed with secret recipes. The process is complicated. A small amount of fresh fried is made each time, which is rich flavor without bitterness. It makes dishes more flavourful!

【 規格 Specification 】
Net Weight:~100g
Packing:Vacuum packing

Steamed shrimp with fried garlic, stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried seafood with garlic and chili and beef cube with garlic


    The photos are for reference only. 

・份量以重量 / 串數為準。

    Servings are based on weight / number of skewers. 

・每次肉類來貨時大小不一, 如表面面積相對較大, 肉片數量會相對較少。

    Meat comes in different sizes from time to time. If the surface area is relatively large, the number of pieces will be less.


    Do not put any items on the meat during storage. Otherwise, the meat will be discolored.


    Due to factors such as vacuum packaging, humidity or temperature, the meat may turn dark brown, but its taste, freshness and texture will not change. 



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