B1. Oval (藍灰色) x (2人份) 熊本A5黑毛和牛8分割拼盤

Bruno Oval 聯乘套裝



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    Suggested serving method
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B1. BRUNO Oval 多功能橢圓電熱鍋(藍灰色)x 熊本A5黑毛和牛8分割拼盤(2人份)BRUNO Oval Hot Plate (Blue Grey) x 8-Special Rare Cuts of Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Platter (for 2 persons)

1. BRUNO 多功能橢圓電熱鍋(藍灰色)- 原裝行貨 (價值:$1,598) 
    BRUNO Oval Hot Plate (Blue Grey) - Original licensed product (Worth:$1,598)
・ 升級1430W發熱板,加熱效果更佳  
    Upgraded 1430W heater for better heating performance 
・ 可調校65°C(保溫)至250°C(高溫煎烤 
    Temp. control from 65-250°C 
・ 隨機有平面烤盤、章魚燒(24粒)、陶瓷深窩  
    Included flat plate, takoyaki plate, ceramic coated pot 
・ 附贈不銹鋼烤盤提取桿,矽膠隔熱枱墊
    Included plate removal tool, silicone heat insulating mat

・ BRUNO總代理Ace Kitchen Limited提供一年自攜維修保養服務,保養期由購買日起開始計算 。
    (如需保養服務時, 用戶必須出示Double Chefs Market正式收據。)
    Ace Kitchen Limited, BRUNO distributor, provides one-year carry-in service. The warranty counts from the date of purchase. (Users must present Double Chefs Market purchase invoice for warranty service.)
・ 消耗性配件例如烤盤或鍋身的易潔塗層等,均不在保養範圍內。

    The consumable parts (e.g. non-stick coatings of pans and pots) are not covered by warranty.


2. 熊本A5黑毛和牛8分割拼盤(2人份)約300克
    8-Special Rare Cuts of Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Platter (for 2 persons) ~300g

赤身 Lean Beef
・ 唐辛子 Tougarashiトウガラシ)
・ 上三筋 Uwamisuji(ウワミスジ)
・ 肩三角 Katasankaku(カタサンカク) 
・ 上三筋布里昂 Uwamisuji Briand(ウワミスジブリアン)

霜降 Marbled Beef 

・ 三筋肉 Misuji(ミスジ)
・ 肩三角丸芯 Katasankakumaru(カタサンカクマル)
・ 杓子 Shakushi(シャクシ)
・ 三筋肉丸芯 Misujimaru(ミスジマル)

3. 即磨海鹽及黑椒碎(連研磨器)  
    Sea Salt and Pepper Grinder 

4. DCM日本青芥辣燒肉蘸醬
    DCM Japanese Wasabi Yakiniku Dipping Sauce 

5. DCM秘製燒肉蘸醬 
    DCM Yakiniku Dipping Sauce

【 優惠條款及細則 Terms and Conditions 】
Promotion period from Nov 8, 2021 until Jan 25, 2022.
Delivery starts from Nov 19, 2021.
While stocks last.
All items purchased are non-refundable, non-returnable or non-exchangeable.
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
Oval 多功能橢圓電熱鍋顏色名稱由BRUNO提供,圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。
Oval hot plate color name provided by BRUNO, the real object should be considered as final. The photos are for reference only.
如有任何爭議,Double Chefs Market將會保留一切之最終決定權。
In case of any dispute, Double Chefs Market reserves the final decision.

以 Bruno 燒肉機作示範 (Using Bruno hot plate as demonstration)

【 建議烹調時間及方式 Suggested cooking time & cooking method 】

1. 肉類先靜置於室溫約 15 分鐘。 

    Leave the meat at room temperature for about 15 minutes. 

2. 爐具以最大火力預熱 2 至 3 分鐘,直至冒煙。 

    Preheat the plate for 2-3 minutes over high heat until there is smoke. 

3. 以牛油粒均勻塗抹整個烤盤表面,剩餘牛油夾起備用。 

    Sear the beef fat over the hot plate, and keep it for later use.

4. 先在(②上三筋、④上三筋布里昂、⑥肩三角丸芯、⑦杓子、⑧三筋肉丸芯)的兩面灑上鹽和黑椒碎,再放到烤盤上煎烤。 

     Sprinkle salt and black pepper on both sides of the meat (②Uwamisuji, ④Uwamisuji Briand, ⑥Katasankakumaru, ⑦Shakushi, ⑧Misujimaru), and fry the meat.   


   (It is recommended to eat meat in numerical order, and you can refer the following photo.) 

5. 先熄火並即時享用,再重覆步驟 2 - 4 繼續享用其他肉類部分。 

    Turn off and enjoy, then repeat steps 2-4. 

【 建議食法 Suggested serving method 】


Sauce pairing: DCM yakiniku dipping sauce, DCM japanese wasabi yakiniku dipping sauce

DCM秘製燒肉蘸醬 DCM yakiniku dipping sauce

    It is suggested to dip the meat (①Tougarashi, ③Katasankaku, ⑤Misuji) in DCM yakiniku dipping sauce and serve. 

・DCM日本青芥辣燒肉蘸醬 DCM japanese wasabi yakiniku dipping sauce

    It is suggested to dip the meat (④Uwamisuji Briand, ⑧Misujimaruin DCM japanese wasabi yakiniku dipping sauce and serve. 

* 請注意: 以上建議烹調方法使用Bruno燒肉機作示範,不同品牌的燒肉機所需的烹調溫度及時間或會有所不同。  

* Please note that the suggested cooking method mentioned above using Bruno hot plate as demonstration. The cooking temperature and time required varies for different brands of hot plates. 


    The photos are for reference only. 

・份量以重量 / 串數為準。

    Servings are based on weight / number of skewers. 

・每次肉類來貨時大小不一, 如表面面積相對較大, 肉片數量會相對較少。

    Meat comes in different sizes from time to time. If the surface area is relatively large, the number of pieces will be less.


    Do not put any items on the meat during storage. Otherwise, the meat will be discolored.


    Due to factors such as vacuum packaging, humidity or temperature, the meat may turn dark brown, but its taste, freshness and texture will not change. 



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